The “TRANSGHARB” (“TG”) is an adventure race open to anyone over the age of 18, regardless of gender or nationality.
The race comprises a compulsory course, divided into a number of stages across the Algarve. Competitors compete as individuals and must not receive any assistance or be helped by any kind of motorised locomotion along the way.
Competitors compete against each other simultaneously, the goal being to complete all the stages in the shortest possible time. The winner will be the competitor with the shortest accumulated time in his or her class, after any applicable penalties have been added.
The TG takes place over 7 days, one stage per day, and covers a total of 700km. Each stage starts and finishes at the overnight hotel.

The event will be managed by an Organising Committee and a Technical Committee who will be handling all the organisational aspects right through until the race is held.
The race is coordinated by Luís Guerreiro (Race Director) and Marco Lima (Tracks Desig).

The organisers will provide each competitor with an official bag in which they must place all their belongings for the duration of the event. The organisers will not transport any bag or package belonging to any competitor except the one provided by the organisers.
Anyone wishing to enter the TRANSGHARB race should do it online ( )
Entries will only be considered valid after payment, or proof of payment, of the relevant entry fee has been received.
Entry fees may be paid by bank transfer and the entrands must send a copy of their proof of transfer by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 4531 1471 7760 5 (Millennium BCP)
Swift code: BCOMPTPL
Entrants who inform the organisers, in writing, no later than midnight (24:00) on the 1st of October that they wish to cancel will be refunded 50% of the entry fee paid.
Competitors must be wholly self-sufficient throughout the race. Only the event organisers may provide competitors with assistance when requested, in which case penalties will apply unless assistance is required because of a medical emergency, for safety reasons, or because of situations unrelated to the competitor’s participation in the race.
Competitors must carry a mobile (cell) phone with them throughout the competition. A penalty of one hour will be applicable for everyoccasion when a competitor is found not to be carrying a mobile (cell) phone or to be carrying one which is not operational.
Helmets are compulsory for all competitors. Helmets must be worn properly and be approved for cycling. Any competitor who disregards this rule will be suspended from the race.
Race numbers must be placed in a clearly visible position in front of the competitor and facing the direction of travel. Competitors who disregard this rule will incur a 30-minute penalty for each infringement.
The course makes use of public routes and highways, either on- or offroad, and goes through villages, towns, and access roads on private property. It will not, therefore, be closed to traffic for the event and competitors must ensure they obey traffic regulations. Although competitors will be using a GPS (sat nav) during the race, the organisers will be placing some signage along course, which must be obeyed.
Competitors must keep to the official course and those who are found not to have done so will incur a penalty of 30 minutes for every kilometre missed.
Competitors may leave the course at any time. No penalty will be incurred as long they return to the course at the same point where they left it.
GPS (Sat Nav)
The course for the race will not be physically marked out on the terrain. Before the race begins the organisers will load the course into competitors’ GPS (sat nav) systems.
Competitors will be held solely responsible for the proper functioning of their GPS (sat nav) system and for the safeguarding of the data loaded on to it by the event organisers.
At the end of every stage, all competitors will be asked to hand their GPS (sat nav) over to the organisers so that they can confirm the route taken by the competitor for the stage in question. If the GPS (sat nav) handed in by rider at the finish line does not contain a record of the course ridden, the stage in question will be annulled and the relevant maximum time attributed to the competitor at fault.
Riders must take as much water and food with them as they consider necessary for each stage. They may not be assisted or supplied by third parties. They may, however, stop for refreshments at commercial establishments or fountains. Any kind of support/refreshment supplied by a third party will lead to the rider being suspended.
A support structure will be set up by the organisers at the finish line for every stage, providing drinks, fresh fruit and snacks. This service is included in the entry fee.
The briefing is mandatory and will be held everyday after dinner at the hotel premises. If a participant decides not to show at the briefing he will be granted the longest time for the stage of that day.
If, for any reason, a competitor decides to drop out of the race, he/she must immediately inform the race organisers, by phoning the Race Director. Before the start of the race all competitors will be given a card listing all the most important telephone numbers, which they must carry with them throughout the race.
Failure to inform the organisers in the event of a competitor dropping out may lead to a search operation being mounted, which will obviously involve costs for the organisers. Any such costs will be passed on to the competitor who failed to inform the organisers that he/she was dropping out of the race.
At the end of each race day technical assistance will be made available by the organisers for those riders who require this service. Work will be charged at 25 Euros/hour, subject to availability, in addition to the cost of all parts and/or accessories used for repairs, which will always be charged separately.
MASSAGES (Extra Charge)
The organisers will arrange for a massage service to be available for riders at the end of each race day. Riders can pre-book a 7-day massage package or opt from a per day basis.
The Race Director has discretionary powers to disqualify or remove a competitor from the race at any time under any of the following circumstances:
1) Physical or mental health problems
2) Abuse or premeditated violation of the Race Regulations
3) Unsporting conduct
4) Overindulgence in alcoholic beverages
5) Competing while under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs
6) Deliberate disregard for the law, religions and customs
7) Deliberate disregard for the environment (includes energy bar wrappers and other litter deliberately thrown on the ground)
8) Deliberate disregard for traffic rules.
Competitors may take photos and make video recordings of the event.
Competitors may affix brand, product and company advertisements to their personal clothing or that of their support team, on their bicycle and on their helmet.
The Transgharb race organisers, their sponsors and other collaborators in the organisation of this sporting event, reserve the right to freely use the participation of the competitors, and the results obtained by them, in any country and in any form.
The race may be recorded on video and/or photographed by the event organisers and by journalists for subsequent advertising purposes.
Participants to whom any restrictions apply in this respect must inform the organisers in advance. Failure to do so is taken to mean they have authorised the use of their image at any time, regardless of financial or any other kind of recompense.
PENALTIES (summary)
1) Failure to carry a mobile (cell) phone = 1 hour for every infringement detected
2) Failure to wear a helmet = suspension from the race
3) Race number not clearly visible = 30 minutes for every infringement
4) Failure to keep to the official course for the race = 30 minutes for every kilometre missed.
5) No record of the course on the GPS (sat nav) = annulment of the stage and attribution of maximum time
6) Any kind of support/refreshment provided by third parties will lead to the rider being suspended from the race.
7) Any potentially offensive materials or items used or worn by the competitors on either their person or equipment, or any potentially offensive gesture made by competitors will lead to their suspension from the race.
The TG will be won by the competitor whose accumulated time in their age group is the shortest over the 7 stages after any applicable penalties have been added.
There are four age groups:
Elite Men: 18 to 40 years
Elite Women: 18 to 40 years
Masters Men: over 40 years
Masters Women: over 40 years
The organisers will produce two daily result sheets, one showing the results for that day’s stage and one showing the accumulated results for all the stages completed up to and including the day in question.
There will be monetary prizes for the first three competitors in each age group
Elite Men
1st - 300 Euros
2nd - 150 Euros
3rd - 50 Euros
Elite Women
1st - 300 Euros
2nd - 150 Euros
3rd - 50 Euros
Masters Men
1st - 300 Euros
2nd - 150 Euros
3rd - 50 Euros
Masters Women
1st - 300 Euros
2nd - 150 Euros
3rd - 50 Euros
The monetary prizes listed above will only be given out if there are at least 20 competitors entered in the race on the start date.
Appeals will only be accepted in writing and must be submitted to any member of the Race Technical Committee either during the race or up to 30 minutes after the competitor in question has crossed the finish line. Appeals relating to results must be submitted no later than 60 minutes after publication.
Appeals will only be considered when accompanied by a deposit of €40 (forty Euros). If the appeal is upheld, the deposit will be refunded;
otherwise it will be donated to charity.
Appeals must contain precise supporting information including a description of the incident and witnesses’ names and contact details, and must be signed by the person who submits it.
The Race Technical Committee will decide upon the appeal and theRace Director shall have the casting vote.
The organisers will have the final say on any matters related to the event and which have not been covered in the rules, and on any misunderstanding that may arise from these regulations. The organisers may also decide upon the eventual application of penalties.
These regulations may be altered without notice if any omission, error or text that could give rise to misunderstanding is detected.
By submitting their completed entry form, all competitors in the Transgharb event agree to abide by these regulations in their entirety.
All Appendices and Addenda to these regulations that the organisers should deem appropriate to publish shall be legally binding, as will these regulations in their entirety.
The organisers of the Transgharb event decline all responsibility for accidents and their consequences whether caused or suffered by competitors or the bicycles/vehicles they are using for the race.
Similarly, the organisers decline all responsibility for the consequences arising from the disregard for, or violation of, any applicable laws, regulations or codes, said consequences being the sole responsibility of the offender(s).
Any doubts or uncertainties relating to the interpretation of the regulations, and any other matters related to the race, will be analysed and decided upon by the Transgharb Organising Committee.
The Transgharb organisers reserve the right to penalise any competitor who disregards or violates these regulations or who in any way prejudices the good name, image and prestige of the race or any of its promoters. Sanctions may include disqualification or exclusion from the competition. The organisers decline all responsibility for any losses that may arise as a result of such a decision.
The Organising Committee